Coolest White Angry Bird Costume

My daughter changed her mind at the last minute, this year, and decided she wanted a Homemade White Angry Bird Costume. In only a few hours, I was able to make her a super cute costume.

I used white fleece for the majority of the costume and cheap muslin on the inside. The front is made like a pillow, with a face hole in the middle. I stitched the front and back together, before stuffing the front, leaving 2 arm holes for her. The eyes, cheeks, and bottom green bit are felt, hand sewn. The beak is also felt but cut and sewn into its shape and stuffed to make it 3 dimensional. The tuffed of black hair on top is a fuzzy material sewn into shape, stuffed, and stitched on top. She has a similar tuffed on the back for a tail.

A white long sleeve shirt and pants, some white face paint, and voila’. She wants me to dye a pair of tights yellow and make some yellow bird like feet out of felt to go over her shoes. We’ll see if that gets done.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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