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Coolest Wall E Costume Idea

A flat-screen TV box was used for the body and tracks. This was folded and molded into itself to create a sturdy ‘just the right size’ body. We used Pringles cans for the arms and the fire extinguisher. The hands were made of duct tape and the top of the fire extinguisher was made from an anti-freeze bottle handle.

We used old PC parts on the front (the actual motherboard was too heavy). The helmet is an old bicycle helmet with formed foam and Pringles can lids for the eyes. We used old straps from a book-bag for the straps and lined them with foam for comfort. The lunchbox was formed from an old beer box and handle and roach were formed out of foam.

The letters on the front were free handed and obviously lots of duct tape, electrical tape, and paint was used. This one was a hit and was very durable. He will now live in the garage and will be part of the family!

Coolest Wall E Costume Idea 21

Coolest Wall E Costume Idea 21

Coolest Wall E Costume Idea 21

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