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Coolest Veggie Tales Group Costume

My Son is a HUGE fan of Larryboy and decided that the whole family needed to dress up for Halloween as Veggie tale characters. Daddy and son are Larryboy, Mommy is Bob and Baby Girl is a French Pea.

They were all made with Felt and craft glue. I did have to sew up the backs of both Larryboy costumes, and shoulders of Bob. I used an outfit of our daughter’s to make a very loose pattern and just sewed the two halves together. I then looked at photos of the characters and cut out the eyes, etc. to make the characters look realistic. They were super easy and took just an evening to make all the costumes.

Everyone loved that we all dressed up as the characters, even with Larryboy’s “plunger” ears, which are just red felt rolled up and sewed at the smallest end ,then sewed in to make a “helmet”.

The cost for all costumes was less than $20.

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Veggie Tales Group Costume”

  1. Hi..my daughter is graduating from high school this year and she and her three friends are the three amigo’s: Larry, Bob and French Pea….would you be willing to sell your adult Larry and Bob costume? Just thought I’d ask.
    Cindy Oliver

  2. My granddaughter has every one of your tapes, I would love to make her a larry boy costume if there is anyway I can get the costume adult for my son to wear for Abby birthday she’ll be 3… Between my son and i and her family we have just about bought out the store of veggies tales!!!!Keep doing what your doing that’s great, Be Blessed!!!


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