Coolest Veggie Tales Costume

Bob the Tomato Costume from Veggie Tales

This is the Veggie Tales costume I made for my son. Since he was so young and slept A LOT I wanted to be able to carry him in his car seat. The only problem was when I would buckle him in, it would cover up most of his costume. My first task was picking … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Group Costume

Homemade Veggie Tales Family Costumes - Larryboy, Bob and Pea

My Son is a HUGE fan of Larryboy and decided that the whole family needed to dress up for Halloween as Veggie tale characters. Daddy and son are Larryboy, Mommy is Bob and Baby Girl is a French Pea. They were all made with Felt and craft glue. I did have to sew up the … Read more