Coolest Two Face Costume for a Boy

Our 5-year-old wanted to be Two-Face for Halloween 2013 and it was the most fun to put together. We found most everything at the thrift store (suit jacket and pants, tie, dress shirt) and only had to purchase the spray paint at Home Depot.

Materials Needed:

  • Child’s “business suit”
  • White long-sleeved dress shirt
  • Suit vest
  • Tie
  • 2 different shoes
  • White face/hair paint
  • Purple face paint
  • Orange and purple spray paint
  • Blue duct tape
  • Grey duct tape

We took the suit (jacket and pants), taped off/protected the right side, and spray-painted the left side orange. The orange was supposed to look more “Lego Two-Face” but it, instead, looked more like the acid suit from the “Dark Knight (2008)” movie. The suit had a lot of scratches to it that accentuated with the spray paint. It was a happy surprise.

We also spray-painted the left side of the white dress shirt purple. The spray paint made it a little stiff and itchy for him to wear so he wore a t-shirt underneath to be more comfortable.

For the vest, I simply put bright blue duct tape on the left side. I cut out holes for the buttons so he could button it back up. We found a brightly-colored tie at the thrift store so we kept the left size showing and I covered the right half in grey duct tape.

For his face, I took purple face paint and covered the left half of his face. I drew a line down the middle of his face to delineate the sides and added scratches, scars, and a black eye to the purple side. Then I took white face/hair paint and spiked the left side of his hair. We had a play gold coin he carried with him. He wore 2 different shoes to complete the look.

It turned out so great!!!! This was, by far, the most fun costume we’ve put together in a long time. He was perfect as Two-Face and everyone loved it!!!

Total Cost: $20

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