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Coolest Toblerone Costume

Thomas decided that he wanted to be a Toblerone candy bar so we created this costume from cardboard, painted it yellow and added the box design based on a real Toblerone bar. The bar didn’t last long but the costume held up like a champ.

We added tinfoil for detail and a face hole so he could see. It was the hit of the costume parade at his school. His little brother Jamie created his own box monster too.

How it was made:

Gathered cardboard boxes – Created the basic triangular shape – big enough so that he could get in and still walk around.

Spray painted the entire box Yellow.

Got a Toblerone from the store to use as a guide for the design.

Drew letters and logo on with pencil.

Painted letters and logo.

Added nutrition facts on the back side.

Ate the Toblerone bar to celebrate.

Coolest Toblerone Costume

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