Coolest Superman Costume

My son loves Superheroes and so I dressed him in a Superman costume for Halloween. I used blue thermal pjs, red underwear, and red socks – most of which I already had. I had trouble finding red boots (hence the reason for the red socks), but I did happen to find some red rubber sandals at a $ store for him to wear.

I used yellow and red felt for his belt and the Superman logo. I sewed a yellow felt belt onto the red underwear and added red belt loops as well. For the logo I drew the “S” free hand on paper then traced it on the red felt. Once that was cut out and glued to a yellow diamond shaped piece of felt, I glued the whole piece on the shirt. And for a more home-made look (and so it would hold up better with a 2 year old wearing it), I hand-stitched the outer edges of the felt.

To finish it off I found a Superman cape at a thrift store for 25 cents which I pinned on so my son wouldn’t rip it off. My son loved it!

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