Cool Superman Costume

This is a Superman Costume I made from athletic spandex. I purchased a blue warm-up shirt and pants from a sports store and had a Superman “S” (printed online) embroidered onto the shirt. The Underwear is just a normal pair of mens’ underwear, turned inside out to hide the seams a little better.

The boots are just a pair of red sport socks that were slipped over a pair of shoes. The belt is a Superman Returns belt that I purchased at a local party store, could also be found in most Halloween stores. The cape is a piece of red material cut in a half circle with a fitting neckline in the middle. It is attached with two safety pins, on both sides, to give that tucked in look. It’s pined just inside the collar.

To avoid awkward outlines in the nether region, I suggest using an athletic jock strap cup. Now you’re ready to save the world.  WARNING: cape does not enable user to fly!

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