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Coolest Snork Couple Costume

My husband and I decided to be Snorks this year. We purchased full body suits to help us complete the look. We hand made our Snorks out of pipe installation and used colored duck tape to make the color stay. We then cut holes in top and hand sewed our snorks into place.

My husband was All-Star Snork. We made his belt out of elastic and fabric and hand cut out a star to pin to the front of his belt. We purchased the shirt and pants (swim trunks) at a local store.
Myself as Casey Snork. I purchased a white dress and hand dyed it dark green. I then used white elastic to make the belt and cut out and pinned my heart to the front. I also poked holes on the side of my body suit and pulled my hair out on the sides. I spray painted my hair pink to match the rest of my suit.

The costumes worked out great and our friends loved them!

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