Coolest Smurfs and Gargamel Group Halloween Costumes

The crowd cheered for the Smurfs and Gargamel group Halloween costumes to be called up for the costume contest, though sadly we were not.

Papa Smurf – red sweat pants, hat and boots were cut and sewed from the matching sweatshirt. Long-sleeved white T-shirt dyed blue with koolaid (I recommend real fabric dye as I thought my blue turned out too light), beard purchased from a store. Blue face paint. White winter gloves dyed blue for hands.

Smurfette – white dress and heels purchased from a store. Hat was made out of an old winter hat. White nylons were dyed blue, sewed the legs of another pair onto a dyed T-shirt for blue arms. Dyed a pair of white winter gloves for the hands. Blue face paint. Black eyeliner used to draw eyelashes and brows.

Gargamel – Blue night gown, duct tape for patches, nylon for bald head, stuffed cat as Azrael. Red socks pulled over shoes. Black eyeliner drawn on eyebrows.