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Coolest Smurfette Halloween Costume

Wanted a comfortable, yet real looking Smurfette Halloween costume that didn’t require me to paint my arms and legs. I dyed 2 pair of white tights with Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid (used to be called Smurf Berry in the 80’s!). With one pair, I cut off the legs, turned the foot portion of each leg into a glove, and used the top of the tights to cover my neck and chest.

Legs (now super long gloves!) and top of tights were both stitched to a sports bra to make one easy to wear form-fitting top. Then just made a simple dress and hat and paired with white heels.

I wore 2 wigs to get enough hair volume, and tacked the hat (which was stuffed with poly-fil) to the top wig to be sure it wouldn’t slip off. Finally, I mixed white, blue and green cream face paint to get a Smurfy blue. On my lips, I used blue eyeliner (can’t use cream paint on your lips), and liquid blue eyeshadow on my eyes.

This was the best Halloween costume I’ve ever had!

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  1. I love your Smurfette costume! I’m thinking about being Smurfette this Halloween. I think I’ll try what you did! Thanks for your great idea!!

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