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Coolest Siamese Twins Costume

For this Siamese Twins Costume my roommate and I basically rummaged through old clothing. We found big clothing by going through our bigger family members stuff. We found a huge skirt, and we stretched it out by pulled it apart and loosening the seams. We found a huge sweatshirt that we also managed to stretch across our bodies. We choose to do a button up type sweater because it was easier to get on.

To make some finishing touches we tried to find the most hideous scarf that we could find. Then we decided that it needed more, so we decided to both pull out any white purses that we can find. We also tried to keep our facial appearances by putting up side pony tails, red lipstick, and glasses. We also both worse white shoes. The best part about our costume was that it was easy to get out of, and it was easy to get into.

Overall this costume took us about 15 minutes to put together and all we had to do was rummage through some clothing.

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