Coolest She Ra Costume

We live in India (Chennai) and my daughter K.D. Harshitha (L.K.G.) participated in the fancy dress competition held in her school (D.A.V. Public School, Chennai), the title was Cartoon Character. So I decided to made a She Ra Costume.

I stitched one white frock in satin cloth. Then I purchased some golden papers, canvas cloth, Velcro, glue, card board.

With the help of canvas cloth with Velcro stitched on both the ends I covered the legs. I pasted golden paper on the canvas cloth. So it looked like golden socks.

Same manner I covered the hands too. Then for the crown, with the help of card board I made the shape and I pasted the golden paper on it. For the design in the chest portion again I made the shape in the canvas cloth and glued golden paper on it and pasted it in the dress with Velcro.

After the competition we can remove the extra fittings as they are attached only with Velcro and the dress can be used as other normal dress.

My daughter got first prize in the competition since ours was the only creatively designed costume. Others were hired ones. My daughter got a certificate from the school and we keep it very preciously.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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