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Awesome Homemade Scorpion from Mortal Kombat Costume

I got the idea from looking for a costume for “Purim” (the Jewish holiday in which we wear costumes… kinda like Halloween)

But you can’t find any good MK costumes here in Israel (OK OK, so it’s a little too 90’s, but it’s my favorite game EVER!). So I decided to make my own Scorpion from Mortal Kombat Costume.

I got hold of a 2 meter long, 1 meter wide and about 2 cm thick foam slab. Spray painted it black and cut it to size (several times till I got it right) to make the body cover.

Then I used yellow Sol Paper, which is a kind of very thin foamy material, you can cut it like paper, but it’s a lot more flexible, for the decoration on the body cover. Just cut out the shapes and fitted them on it.

I bought the skull arm shields for about $7, and just went over the patterns with yellow paint (ruined a good pair of pants doing it too). Then I hot glued them onto some old MMA gloves I had
(I got matching skull knee-shin guards too).

The mask is a Hannibal Lecter mask I cut a bit to fit better, spray painted yellow, and used some more Sol Paper cut out patterns to put on the sides.

I used a long piece of yellow Sol Paper as a belt (hot glued onto the body cover) a black circle and a yellow skull cut out as a “buckle”.

I also bought a ninja mask, although I really could have just used a black sheet or something (got a little lazy in the end).

The extra effect I used was the contact lenses, I spent days looking for “white-out” contact lenses but they were ALL sold out, so I got “Spiral-Eyes” instead – it was still pretty creepy.

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