Coolest Rubble Family Costume

For my son’s 2nd Halloween we went as the Homemade Rubble Family Costume from the Flintstones. All 3 costumes were homemade, Barney, Betty and Bambam. I unfortunately cant find the photo of Barney but here are the other 2.

I found a light blue dress at Value Village. I cut off the sleves and sewed the neck into an A shape. I used a thick black satin ribbon to attach the front to the back around the neck and with a glue gun and felt I added the ‘white stone’ in the front. I cut the bottom of the dress in a random patern. I tied a blue bow to a black headband and wore a short black wig (i have long blonde hair).

I didnt want my son going around in just a loin cloth. I found a tan long sleve shrit and tan pants. The skirt was cut out of felt and I glued the black felt triangles on in a random pattern. The back fastened with Velcro. The shoulder strap was cut out of the same felt used for ‘Barney’s’ costume. The front was glued on and the bone shape was cute out of felt and glued on also. The back of the strap was also attached by velcro for easy on and off.

Costumes turned out great and my son loved running around yelling “BAMBAM” and smacking things…never should have taught him that.

Homemade Rubble Family Costume

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  1. I know there isn’t a picture of Barney, but how did you end up making his costume? I’m not sure how to make my husbands costume.


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