Cool Roger Rabbit Costume

This was one of the first years ever that my friends and I decided that we would actually fully dress up without having to try and look sexy. So I thought this would be my perfect chance to make a Homemade Roger Rabbit Costume.

I started out by buying everything piece by piece including Red Painters Overalls, Bunny Ears, Bunny Tail, Bunny Nose, Yellow Gardeners Glovers, A White Ski Hat, A Cruella Devil Wig, Orange Hair Spray, White and Blue facepaints and Blue and yellow foam and felt.

The only things I had to make by hand were the completed hay and the bow tie. To make the bowtie I Used several pieces of blue felt and foam cut into bow shapes and stiched them together adding some yellow felt polka dots afterwards. For the headpiece I spray painted a white section of the wig orange, cut it out and stitched it to that hat.

For the finished product all I then had to do was paint my face and put the costume on piece by piece and oh my, did it go down a treat everywhere I went!!

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