Coolest Princess Peach Costume

This Halloween my daughter gave me almost no time to get her costume ready but she did tell me exactly what she wanted to be. Princess Peach was it!

So, I went to Walmart and bought some fabric… spent about $12 (we had some trimmings already) and got to work. With no pattern and only a few days, I made her Princess Peach Costume (three days total). I took inspiration from the Brawl Peach because her dress had more detail. Also, the main fabric I found had a light detailed print on it.

The Princess Peach Costume is in four pieces: top, skirt, a waistband with the side drapes. Princess Peach always has and a crown. The crown was just a headband with some brass wire wrapped in a scalloped pattern and beads (lapis, rose quartz, metal, a button) attached. The back of the waist band I made a bow and the front, I made a blue velvet rose. Those were to cover anything I didn’t want to show on the waist band.

The materials are: cotton fabric, satiny fabric, bridal lace, ruffled edging, ribbon, metal buttons, a glass button, zipper, brass, lapis, rose quartz, metal beads. The pictures show front and back.

Coolest Princess Peach Costume - Backside

Coolest Princess Peach Costume - Detail of the bow in the back

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