Coolest Price Is Right Couple Costume

I have been watching the Price is Right since I was a little girl and love the show! One day while watching the show, I realized that my husband resembled Drew Carey (the new host), and thought that it would be the perfect Halloween costume since I have always wanted to be a contestant on the show.

Drew’s was really simple. My husband already had a suite. So all we needed was the glasses and a microphone. Glasses were easily found at the dollar store. For the microphone we used a black plastic hanger (the bottom portion) and a fuzzy black pom pom from the craft store. I glued the fuzzy ball to the end of the hanger and voilà! Total for his costume: $2.00!!!!

For me, the contestant in the showcase showdown, I needed to have the infamous showcase podium. For the main structure I used a green piece of poster board. It was cut into 2 parts; the triangular portion and the bid box portion. I used tape on the back to put the 2 pieces together. For the outline and price is right symbol I used glitter foam paper from hobby lobby. I cut several strips and just hot glued them around the edge to create the outline. I hand drew the ‘price is right’ symbol, cut it out, and glued it in the middle. The bid box was completed with a yellow piece of construction paper and glitter pieces glued at the ends.

For the microphone, I used a black pipe cleaner with another fuzzy pom pom glued to the end. This piece was taped to the back of the poster board. To hang the piece around my neck, I just punched a small hole on each side and used fishing line to make a strap. I had to have a shirt, so I had my local print shop make one, with the words “Pick me Drew” and the price is right logo on the front. The shirt cost me $10.00. Total for my costume was about $20.

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