Coolest Pre-Historic Elmo Slayer Costume

Every year I exploit my creative side by creating off the wall costumes that you would never see anywhere else. I view Halloween as a day you can be anyone or anything you want without any consequences…to a degree.

One day I came across a picture of a woman that was a futuristic cookie monster slayer, which gave me the idea for this Pre-Historic Elmo Slayer Costume. I have nothing against Elmo, but his products were the easiest to find considering his popularity with the kids.

I went to Hancock Fabric and bought the rest of the necessary materials. I bought some leather for the leather looking strips around my arms and legs and red, furry fabric to make the leg/arm wrappings and pullover.

From here I did some cutting and sewing. It was a fun costume to make because the end product came out better than I had expected.

I then bought a rockstar wig, cut some of it off, and glued it to my face (using a special adhesive). I tossed in some bubba teeth and there you have it…a pre-historic Elmo slayer.

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  1. I found that Cookie Monster Slayer and went for my own Elmo variation as well (hey, Cookie Monster is in withdrawal since he became Veggie Monster, I’d feel bad killing him!)

    The “pelts” are two kids’ Elmo costumes. Then I sharpened a closet rod and bought black clothes and combat boots from Goodwill. :)


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