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Coolest Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Couple Costumes

To the fabric store, Good will, and my craft box I went for the Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Couple Costumes!  Bam Bams top is brown felt. The black pieces on his shorts as well as on her pebbles are felt as well. Just traced and cut them out and applied with hot glue! I owned the green tank top and blue shorts already.

Found the orange shorts at a thrift shop. The club and bones were from a costume shop. Oh! and Bam Bam’s wig! That helped the look so much! We had that gem from a grampa costume years ago!

Just went off the original TV show! This was aired in the 60’s! Everyone was Fred and Wilma, and were kinda short so this seemed to totally fit!

This was halloween 2010 in Lahaina, Maui. For being such a layed back place everyone there really goes all out for Halloween! The streets are filled with people from 5 pm till 2 am all dressed up!

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