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Coolest Peacock DIY Halloween Costume Idea

I’ve wanted to try and create a peacock costume for some time now. A friend mentioned the idea a few years back but neither of us could find a costume that did the beauty of the peacock justice. There were lots of plastic tails or little hats, but I could never find something that had actual feathers. I decided to research the cost of feathers and see if I could put one together myself. I found a great website that sold feathers in bulk, so I ordered an emerald bustier and started piecing together my costume.

I used Velcro circles to adhere the feathers to the bustier and sewed the gold plumage to the belt. A black tutu completed the ensemble. The fanned tail of feathers was a little more difficult. I laid the 3 foot feathers on the ground, eyes facing down. I then used a glue gun to fasten flexible plastic rods to the back of the feathers to provide support. Once those rods were secured, I flipped the tail over and started filling in the spaces between the large feathers with smaller feathers. I added Velcro to the bottom of the tail and to the back of my belt so that I could easily add or remove the tail. With the Velcro, I could have the tail on with the fan flared out around my back or I could have the tail lay low.

This Peacock DIY Halloween Costume Idea turned out to be a beautiful costume. The feathers look great in the picture but they are even more beautiful in person. I am a little disappointed that Halloween is over because I loved wearing this costume! I may have to host a Mardi Gras party in 2011 just so I can wear it again soon!

Hope you enjoy the photo!

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