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Awesome Peacock DIY Halloween Costume

Every year Halloween comes around and I never know what to be! Recently I have been a little bit obsessive with peacocks because I think they are beautiful. So one day it came to me and I decided to be a sexy peacock for Halloween.

I really got into making this Peacock DIY Halloween Costume. At first I searched for a lot of images on Google and they all really inspired me. I went shopping at the mall to find pieces of clothing that could resemble what I saw in other pictures. I found the black skirt at Forever 21. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it. It was black and had layers of ruffles and lace.

I knew that I also wanted a black corset to attach the feathers to. I found the corset that zipped down the front at Charlotte ruse. I purchased the feathers at Micheal’s, I actually had to make two trips there because I didn’t buy enough feathers the first time.

I trimmed and cut the feathers and attached them with hot glue. I also bought feather accents to put on the back and at the bottom of the front. For the fan of feathers in the back I just glued them together then glued it on the back.

I also purchased peacock earnings at Forever 21. I bought peacock colored eyeshadow and fake lashes to complete the look. I also wore shimmery grey pumps. I had a lot of fun making it and I received so many compliments everyone loved it! It was a total success!

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