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Coolest Parrot Halloween Costume

My boyfriend and I had pirate costumes from a couple years ago, so we figured our 16 month old son would make a fine parrot.

I used Simplicity pattern 3605 as a basis for this costume. I made the body and hat for the duck costume out of red poodle fleece and altered the bill on the hat from a duck to a parrot. I added yellow marabou around the arm holes. I took a red turtleneck onesie and added a ring of blue feather boa and yellow marabou to each sleeve.

The legs were made from a pair of tights that I dyed yellow.

I tried to find costume bird feet, but they only make them in adult sizes. I was searching on the internet for children’s chicken feet and that is how I came upon this homemade costume website. I found that several people had made bird feet out of yellow rubber dish gloves and attached them to shoes.

I modified this idea slightly by taping the thumb and pinky finger of the gloves under the bottom of the glove. (Birds have 3 toes after all…)I stuffed the remaining 3 fingers with some polyfill. I then tried to figure out how to attach them to shoes when I had the epiphany of just slipping the gloves themselves onto his feet. They fit perfect! (And they were tremendously funny!)

My son did not actually go out on Halloween this year, but we all got dressed up and had family pictures taken. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and I cannot wait until next year to come up with new costumes for all of us!

Parrot Costume

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  1. I love it! I’m going to try this, I hope mine turns out as cute as yours! My two older kids are going to be pirates and the little one will be the parrot.

    Thanks for the great idea and details:)


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