Coolest Pacman Halloween Costume

Well, I love the 80’s. Last year I was a Rubik’s Cube. I had to think of something to top last years costume. I wanted to think of something that everyone knows. So I decided on Ms. Pacman Halloween costume.

I started off with a hula hoop. I traced it onto foamcore (2 pieces for each side). Then I cut a triangle out of each piece for the mouth. I then covered the 2 pieces with yellow felt. Then, I cut out foamcore beams to attach the 2 sides together. Then, I covered the middle with yellow felt. I bought black and red felt for the eyes, mouth, mole and bow. I made the bow out of foamcore as well.

I put 2 ropes inside around the beams so the costume could rest on my shoulders. I bought yellow tights online and found red ruby high heels at the Halloween store. Then she was complete! Halloween was a blast.

I was the hit of the neighborhood! It didn’t take me very long to make the costume. I just did a little bit every night.

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  1. Wow! I was a Rubic cube last year too, and now I’m going to be ms. PAC man with my friends (I’m dead serious, I’m not lying) That is so crazy!

  2. So I just got done making this too but a pac-man version. if anyone else is making it you can find foam core at michaels in the framing department but you have to ask for it. and it was a lot harder for me than it sounded.

  3. do know how to make the ghost ones like inky, blinky etc..? It would really help cause we decided to be the Pacman and the ghost this year so yeah :D

  4. I am currently in the process of making this ‘simple’ costume and there seems to be nothing simple about it. I am thinking that the person that made this either had all the supplies or someone who was able to guide her in the right direction. I was unable to find big enough foam core, so I had to buy 4 sheets for each side. I am now having a hard time thinking of how I am going to attach this… so far I have spent about $65-$70 on this and still need to go get more supplies today… this is super cute but not worth the trouble!

  5. i AM challenged when it comes to the construction of an outfit such as this. I want it so bad because of all things id like to be for Halloween was always ms pacman and you made my dream realized. Please email me at so we could discuss details.


  6. What did u do to see? was there a hole in the black felt? and do u put a bow, eye and mole on both sides?? I am going to a party that I will be drinking what do u suggest to help with getting a drink in the costume?

    Any help would be great! Thanks!!

  7. Great costume. Imma gonna do for my 9 year old girl and imma dress my 2 year old baby as a ghost. she’s really excited. thanks for the idea

  8. hey, i was wondering if you can tell me where i can buy some of the supplies??? More specifically the foam-core beams or at least how to make them??

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