Well, I love the 80’s. Last year I was a Rubik’s Cube. I had to think of something to top last years costume. I wanted to think of something that everyone knows. So I decided on Ms. Pacman Halloween costume.

I started off with a hula hoop. I traced it onto foamcore (2 pieces for each side). Then I cut a triangle out of each piece for the mouth. I then covered the 2 pieces with yellow felt. Then, I cut out foamcore beams to attach the 2 sides together. Then, I covered the middle with yellow felt. I bought black and red felt for the eyes, mouth, mole and bow. I made the bow out of foamcore as well.

I put 2 ropes inside around the beams so the costume could rest on my shoulders. I bought yellow tights online and found red ruby high heels at the Halloween store. Then she was complete! Halloween was a blast.

I was the hit of the neighborhood! It didn’t take me very long to make the costume. I just did a little bit every night.