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Cool Oreo Cookie Costume

Oreo cookies are my daughters favorite, so what would be better than an Oreo Cookie Costume!. I cut the “cookie” pieces of out card board and painted the insides black and then enlarged the details of the cookie and traced them on black foam sheets. I used 3mm thick foam sheets and cut all the pieces out to get the raised effect. I then glued them onto the cardboard and painted the whole thing black.

I attached the “cookie” pieces with an elastic band (the kind you find in sweatpants) and made straps to go over her shoulders. I then hot glued a sheet of white felt in between to get the filling. I had my daughter dress in all white to complete the look! She looked good enough to eat!

I also made her “milk” trick or treat bag, I bought a white canvas bag and glued on the pieces of felt (cause you can’t have Oreo’s without milk!).

Coolest Oreo Cookie Costume with milk trick or treat bag

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