The whole Homemade Mom and Baby Cookies Halloween Costume Idea came from my daughter, Halle’s nickname. Halle is 15 months and I call her cookie, cookies, or cooks. I have a silly song that I’ve sung to her since she was a baby and I call her a chocolate chip cookie in the song. An idea was born!

How the costumes were made:

Materials – thick tan fabric, poly-fill, brown felt, thread to match, fabric glue, safety pins, round wood, tan paint, and elastic string.

I cut the fabric into 2 matching round pieces for each costume. I made the edges a little jagged to make them look more realistic. I also added a bite into each cookie! I hand sewed the fabric all the way around except for a small part to stuff the cookie with the poly-fill. Once that was completed I started to make the chocolate chips. I used safety pins to create the shape I wanted. Then I used Velcro to put the chips on the cookie. To really make the cookie look realistic I added random stitches from the front of the cookie to the back to make the cookie look like it was raised in the oven.

The big cookie had straps added. The small cookie had a tank top made from the fabric sewed to the back of the cookie. The finishing touch were the hats! I painted round wood the color of the cookies. Then I cut small round circles from the left over felt to look like chips. Brown elastic string was used to keep the head pieces in place.

Both costumes were loved by everyone while we were trick or treating! We didn’t see any other cookies either!