Cool Oompa Loompa Halloween Costume

I got this idea for a Oompa Loompa Halloween costume, because I’m very short and I love to make people laugh.

I started out with a shirt from Target that cost me (6 dollars). I bought some white fabric paint (2.00 dollars) and painted the lines on at the top of my shirt and the sleeves. I used ribbon for the strips on my shirt (2.00 dollars) and glued the ribbons to the shirt. The buttons I found around my house and sewed them to the pants.

The pants, I used some old baseball pants that my husband had in the closet. The socks I bought at Target for about (3.00 dollars) and used the rest of the fabric paint to paint the tan part on the socks to a white color.

I bought a blonde wig (12.00 dollars) and bought some green hair spray (2.00 dollars) and sprayed the wig. I would have changed this and just dyed the hair, the paint came off easy, but did the job for the Halloween night.

My shoes were just some old shoes I had in the closet and I bought some Pompom’s (1.00 dollar)and got a brown marker and put some lines on the white Pompom’s.

I bought some dark foundation for my face at Dollar Tree (1.00) and it worked perfect. I taped cotton over my eyes with tape to make the white eyebrows.

When I went Trick or Treating I had the best time, because when I turned around everyone knew who I was:)

Total cost about $30.

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