Coolest Muppet Manah Manah Couple Costume

After being inspired by the Jim Hensen exhibit, my friend and I knew we had to try and make our own Snowth costumes from the famous Muppet Show sketch “Manah Manah” (also spelled Mahna Mahna). Looking online it seemed like several people already made Snowth costumes, but very few, if any, made them well. We’re NOT expert costumers by any means, just two amateur sewers with big imaginations. We can’t believe how well our Homemade Muppet Manah Manah Couple Costume turned out!

It’s impossible to say exactly how long the costumes took to create. Months worth of planning and brainstorming went into them before we even picked up the materials. It took a lot of research to get the look just right. Finally we settled on foam for the heads, lycra body suits, faux fur dresses and Converse shoes for comfort.

Making the dresses was the easy part. Making the heads was an entirely different story. We had never worked with foam before and neither of us had ever made a mascot-style head. We made a pattern from poster board and after a lot of tweeking and even more hot glue, we had a working prototype. The hardest part was covering the heads with hot pink felt as seamlessly as possible. I give props to those Muppet makers out there who can do this easily. It was hard! Four hand-painted eyes made from styrofoam balls, two hand-carved foam lips, four craft foam eyelashes, black window screen and even more hot glue later we had ourselves some accurate looking Snowth heads!

We found the lycra body suits on the internet and modified them by removing the hoods so we wouldn’t die of heat stroke. The dresses are made of faux fur bought at a fabric store and sewn from a simple dress pattern. Converse shoes were spray painted to match (my friend was unable to paint hers in time unfortunately) and we were ready to go!

We wore our costumes to Dragon*Con this year and I’m thrilled to say they were a hit! Our original plan involved making a puppet Manah Manah to go with our costumes, but we ran out of time. Instead we opted for a sign and I’m glad we did! People loved holding the sign and it prompted a LOT of singing everywhere we went! Even celebrities were asking if they could take their picture with us! Here’s a picture of us with Felicia Day (The Guild). She climbed over her table in the Walk of Fame to take this picture!

Visibility wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. We could only see whatever was in the field of vision of the mouth. The foam muffled our hearing a bit as well, so we relied on our friends to help us navigate. The costumes are also very hot. Lycra, faux fur and foam don’t breathe very well so air conditioning vents were a blessing.

Overall we couldn’t be happier with our costumes. We’re glad so many other people enjoyed them too!

Homemade Muppet Manah Manah Couple Costume

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