My daughter wanted to be a Minecraft character (again) this year, but I came across the idea for this costume on a Facebook page and she was immediately on board. Originally it was going to be Cookie Monster’s head on the spike but we agreed that would be too traumatic for the little kids that would see her trick-or-treating.

We searched for colored fur at all of the fabric stores but all they had was white, so with a little experimentation we found that you can spray paint fake fur any color you want and it looks really cool. Then you can add stripes or spots or whatever you want.

The idea for the costume is she’s made her clothes out of the fur of the creature she has slain and proudly brandishes the head as proof of her bravery. So I created a rough pattern for the boots and skirt and shoulder pieces and then set to cutting the fabric and hemming it so it wouldn’t shed as much. Then after some practicing on scraps I spray painted the fur teal and lightly sprayed some black stripes onto the fur for effect.

To make the shoulder pieces I took apart some old spiked bracelets and chokers from my punk rock days and was able to screw them into the fabric in a rough pattern. Washers helped stabilize them so they didn’t flop around because they were so heavy. I connected them with one chain in the front and three in the back (not shown), so it looked cool from both sides.

To make the boots I simply hot glued the fur to an old pair of leather boots that I don’t wear anymore and then attached some straps of leather and later a spiked collar to one for effect.

The skirt took the most time, as I first hot glued the different pieces of the skirt (10 in all) to a belt and then hand sewed them on to reinforce them. The skirt itself wasn’t part of the original design, we modeled it after Astrid’s skirt on How to Train Your Dragon. I added spikes to the skirt and then hot glued washers to it as well for a cool effect.

The costume itself with all of the spikes and chains and metal accents weighed nearly 20 pounds including the boots. To make the head, I hot glued fabric onto a styrofoam ball and cut out a section for the mouth which I lined with black felt. Then I sprayed the head to match the rest of the fur. I added the eyes (ping pong balls) and a few wounds using red paint. The spear is a pool stick I sacrificed from my collection, which I sharpened on my table saw and covered with paint for the bloody effect.

The teeth were originally intended for decorating pumpkins to make them look fearsome, however they worked perfectly for this.

The whole thing turned out so much better than I ever anticipated. When my daughter first saw the costume completed she was speechless and so excited about how well it turned out. We love to do really creative costumes every year, however this year I think we raised the bar for ourselves. Also, we later named the head Jack, he will most likely act as our Flat Stanley, or perhaps our family’s version of Elf on the Shelf (only less creepy). I hope you like it at least half as much as we did!