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Coolest Men in Black Theme Costume

For our son’s first Halloween (2006), he had an NG tube due to a health issue. We decided to incorporate it into our Halloween costume and made him an alien while we joined him as the Men in Black.

Our Men in Black costumes were simple black suits, black ties, white shirts, and black glasses. We made a neuralizer by spray painting a dowel rod silver and drawing a red rectangle at the top.

His costume was made of silver lame and his shoe covers and arm bands were made of silver sequined material. His antennas were made of a simple headband and green pipe cleaners.

The total cost of the alien costume was about $7.

Men in Black Theme Costume

The spaceship was built around his stroller. My husband, the genius, made it by creating an inner skeleton using corrugated cardboard for support ribs. He then hot glued sheets of white poster board in wedge shapes on the top and bottom. He then spray painted everything silver and then, using sharpies and colored paint, drew on the cockpit details.

He attached a toy steering wheel and inserted colored Christmas lights through the cardboard on the dashboard. He wrapped the entire space ship with red ball LED lights (safety first!). All the lights were attached to a 12-volt battery we inserted in the storage compartment of the stroller. We wrapped any stroller-looking fabric with silver sequined material and/or black fabric.

To complete our geek factor, we brought along a battery-operated CD player and speakers so we could blast sci-fi music (Star Trek and Star Wars themes) the entire evening. We also threw on a little stuffed animal alien on the stroller – for whimsy!

Total cost of the spaceship = $35

Men in Black Theme Costume

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