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Cool Mail Order Bride Costume

My name is Stacey and I dress up every Halloween and I am like a kid. I have to have something new or different each year. I have been like that since I could walk. I kept trying to come up with something this year that I hadn’t used in the past 30 years and was having no luck. Until I talked with my sister and she said she was mailing packages and it hit me. I will be a Mail Order Bride.

So I began getting my outfit together and she picked me up some priority stickers. As I was walking around with my son on Halloween, I was telling these guys what I was and they said, you need to leave us a catalog. Afterwards I went to a party and everyone just loved the idea I came up with. I only wished I would have made some catalogs, that would have really shocked some people.

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1 thought on “Cool Mail Order Bride Costume”

  1. Hey neighbor,
    You never looked purtier! If you and Monroe decide to renew your vows you should definitely dress as a mail order bride.

    Love ya!


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