Coolest Magic Trick Gone Wrong Couple Costume

My husband and I LOVE Halloween and we like to be really unique with our costumes! This year we decided to be a magician and his assistant – with a twist!! The costume is called “Magic Trick Gone Wrong” and is based off of the famous magic trick of cutting the assistant in half.

In order for this trick to “go wrong” we made it look like I was cut in half and we gave him a bloody saw. We did this by buying a belt and making it lumpy with toilet paper rolls (without the toilet paper) and black duck tape. We then put red paint on the belt and red felt to give it a grosser look. We cut a hole in my dress and I wore the belt underneath of the dress with the “guts” sticking out.

You can make this costume with any variety of outfits and accessories but we went with the more “old timey look.” You can also make it a lot gorier by adding more material and blood to the belt, saw, and even on the magician himself. It was really fun to make and it was a huge hit.

This Magic Trick Gone Wrong Couple Costume is very original – I know I’ve never heard of anything like it!

Coolest Magic Trick Gone Wrong Couple Costume 4