Coolest Mad Hatter Costume for a Child

For Hanna’s Mad Hatter costume I bought the hat from a costume store and made the hat pins from charms and wire I got from the craft store. I got lucky and was able to find scissor and sewing machine charms so these turned out really neat.

Her hair we just teased out until it look wild and sprayed it and used colored hairspray to make it orange. For her eyebrows we used stretched out cotton-balls and sprayed them orange too. Her makeup we just matched the colors and style with regular makeup and white costume makeup. We got a pink button shirt and sewed the lace to the cuffs and used a scarf for the tie.

I made a black vest and painted the pattern on it with fabric paint. The jacket was a ladies jacket from the thrift store that I took apart and made smaller so it would fit and made the pants from a pattern. I used fabric paint for the designs. I pinned the ribbon inside the pocket and made the half gloves and dyed the socks and shoes with fabric dye. I made the thread belt with thread with yarn and chain holding it together.

Coolest Mad Hatter Costume