Coolest Little Bo Peep and her Sheep Costume

My fiance mentioned the idea first for a Homemade Little Bo Peep and her Sheep Costume, not realizing I was going to give it my best shot. After finding an old square dancing dress and crinoline at a thrift store, I decided there was no turning back. To finish “Bo Peep’s” outfit I bought a $5 pair of pajama pants from Walmart, cropped them, and glued 2 rows of eyelet trim to the bottoms for her bloomers. Big curly blond wig and blue satin ribbon- Bo Peep was complete.

Now, as for the sheep costume, cost effective, but be prepared, VERY time consuming. I bought an inexpensive white hoodie and a few bags of cotton balls and while watching TV, individually glue-gunned hundreds of cotton balls to it (if you take the time to pull the cotton balls apart slightly, you can cover more surface area). To make the ears, I cut them from a piece of black felt and a smaller piece of pink felt glued to it as the inside of the ear. Pinched one end of the ear together at the top and hot-glued the to the hoodie. Used black sweatpants for the bottom (and fingerless black gloves-not pictured). Several hours later…my sheep was ready.

Although it took some time, it was well worth it! Definately got some attention at the party! In fact, my wonderful fiance, who almost backed out of the costume at the last minute, enjoyed every minute of it after getting petted by every girl who saw him. I know he secretly had a blast!

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