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Coolest Last Minute Dog and Beth Couple Costume

We found out last minute that we would be going to a Halloween party at a local bar. My boyfriend agreed to dress up but I didnt want to take him too far outside his comfort zone for his first Halloween dress up and so thought who better than DOG!  I trimmed a blond wig into a Dog the Bounty Hunter inspired Mullet- hot glue gunned some feathers to 2 old bracelets and glued into the wig- cut the arms off his shirt and made a “DOG” belt buckle and badge to hang around his neck out of tin-foil.  A couple of beaded choker necklaces we picked up from the dollarstore en route to the party tied around his biceps, as well as some handcuffs finished off the look

I am a small busted gal and what is Beth known for….her boobs!  It really didnt matter what else I wore this had to be the focus SO I made mine out of styrofoam balls which I hollowed out so they wouldnt hurt my real girls. I placed them in my sister inlaws DD hot pink bra which I pinned to my own. I decided to leave the shirt open becasue well we all know Beth loves to flaunt it and hey- I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed the attention. We were a HIT at the party and had SOO much fun. We could still move and dance (though I do now have a much better appreciation for large breasted women)- dancing close was hard- traveling to the washroom and zipping up my boots too.lol

Coolest Last Minute Dog and Beth Couple Costume

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