This super sized Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter couple Halloween costume all started with left over fake boobs from last year’s costume, so I built upon that. I had to ask myself who has big boobs and would be super fun to portray…….Dog and his wife Beth! Perfect! The search was on for the rest of the costume. Black black, and more black. Cords, gadgets and guns, straps, fake nails and wigs were just the beginning!

After studying their pictures, we tried to copy everything we could. Feathers hanging from Dogs long blonde hair, finger less black gloves and leg gun holsters and handcuffs for both. Beth’s handcuffs were diamond studded! I even super glued an earring from my husband’s ear!  How much fun we had!

Then came the party! The reaction from the women surprised me the most. All of the girls, even strangers had to feel the fake boobs! We had so much fun, and to top it off, we won the costume contest! Yay! I recommend to anyone to be Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth if you haven’t yet.