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Coolest Last Minute Baby Costume

This home made Last Minute Baby Costume is GREAT for LAST MINUTE costumes!

Eight years ago me and my friends got invited to one of our first Halloween parties but we got invited at the very last minute. We litterally had only one hour to come up with a costume. So since it was eight years ago I dont have any pictures lol. I recreated it quikly to show you. We all decided to go as Baby’s! Its SOO simple and you can jazz it up any way you like. We all did it a little different but it litterally takes like ten minutes depending on how you jazz it up which is why I wanted to share it because its such a good last minute idea and I’m actually planning on doing it this year again!

1) wear a pair of pajamas
2) put your hair in pig tails, some of us braided them some of us didnt, most of us like me did high pig tails because they make it look younger and super cute. But for those who did low pig tails it looked super cute too. Also! to make it even cuter take a little ribbon and tie bows on the pigtails.
3) FACE: I used some lip liner and drew red circles on my cheeks, but blush or something else would work too. Some of my friends drew on freckles with some eye liner over their cheeks and nose
4) finishing touches. A soother! I just took one of my little brother’s soothers and had it in my mouth. You can put it on a string and wear it around your neck. And props too which are easy to get if you have a little one in the house. Some of my friends carried around a teddy bear and one girl had a baby bottle she carried around.

If you have a little one in the house this costume is completely FREE. It was for us and since we were around 13 at the time it worked great! We all had younger siblings but if you have a kid or anything you can borrow it works great. Spice it up and add more props, it works GREAT,

To simplify:
– pj’s
– pigtails
-soothers and props

Have fun with making your own Last Minute Baby Costume! Hope it helps all those last minute people with no money!

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