Coolest Kitty Pride (Sprite) Costume

For the comic convention our daughter wanted to dress in a Kitty Pride (Sprite) Costume. It is the one she wore when she first became a member of the X-Men and “designed” her own costume. I bought the sparkly gold unitard, stripped leg warmers and the bright green shorts on E-Bay. The red shirt is from the thrift store and made the lightening bolts from fabric scraps and attached them with iron on heat bond tape.

The purple elastic belt came from the thrift store too and the emblem I constructed with craft foam in yellow and black and attached it with double stick tape. The mask started with a basic white plastic mask that we covered with the larger purple mask made of sparkling purple craft foam. The red cuffs are cardboard cut, rolled and stapled together and then covered in red nylon from a pair of girl’s tights. The gloves are just store bought red gloves for winter and are made of fleece.

She was the only Kitty Pride at all of NYC ComicCon and all though she was obscure, the die-hards loved her and she was thrilled. The only place we fell short is that we couldn’t find sneaker-roller skates like Kitty Pride wore in a kid’s size-sneakers were more practical anyway.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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