Coolest Killer Clown Costume

This was part of a Hollywood project for college, I decided to try costume designing. I based the Killer Clown costume on “The Red Triangle Circus Gang” from my favorite movie Batman Returns. The costume had to be made in, or less than 24 hours.

I began by buying all the materials, I then made a costume pattern on newspaper. I made a pattern for each leg, and one for the arms and torso, leaving a seam for sewing it together. I then traced around the newspaper pattern onto the materials using a piece of white chalk. I then sewed it all together, leaving a split up the back. I sewed Velcro onto the split so I could get in and out of the costume.

Next I turned up the sleeves and legs from the inside and sewed around into, I made a small hole and threaded elastic through. When I was happy with how tight I wanted the elasticated sleeves and legs I sewed the elastic together, and then sewed the hole up.

I then cut out different sized circles from red crushed velvet that I hand sewn them onto the sleeves, then I cut up strips of black material jagged, to stop the material from fraying. I carefully burnt around the edges with a lighter, then I hand sewed them onto the suit.

To make the ruff, I cut out the material into a slight semi-circle shape, sewing around the edges leaving it plenty big enough to get the folds. I then pleated the ruff and threaded cotton through to hold the folds in places, When I threaded enough cotton through the top and middle of the ruff get the folds I attached it to the suit. I then got a back fabric pen and coloured around the bottom of the ruff to make it stand out more.

I wore this Killer clown costume red nose day, to raise money for charity. Lets just say there were a lot of screams.

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