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Coolest Kandy Korn Costume

The school that my children attend asks that parents try to have their children wear costumes that keep with a fall theme, as the parties are now called “Harvest Parties”, not “Halloween Parties” anymore. I always try to come up with some cute things for them to be and I really love Candy Corn, so that is what I turned them into. To make it a little funnier, I named them “Miss Kandy” and “Mr. Korn” and their school thought they were hysterical.

All I used was different color felt to make the body of the costumes and their names, put a bow on my daughter’s head and a bow tie on my son. Because I accidentally cut the hole for her face too large, I hot glued a head band inside, so it would stay on her head.

I could not find any yellow shirts that were the exact same color as the felt so I just had them wear white shirts and comfortable pants.

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