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Coolest Juice Box Costume

When we asked our 3 year old son Brody what he wanted to be for Halloween he said…”A Juice Box”. So our creative minds went to work and with the help of a friend in the cardboard box industry and the artistic talent of my wife, we had a very successful Juice Box Costume.

Basically we found a cardboard box that was the right size to fit Brody’s frame and cut out the holes for his arms and completely cut out the bottom of the box. For the opening on top we cut out a hole much larger then the diameter of this head and cut out the top part of one of Brody’s t-shirts. We duct taped the t-shirt to the under side of the hole we cut out for his head and therefore he would slip his head into the T-shirt and not rub the cardboard box on his neck.

I used plenty of duct tape and it held up just fine. The straw was just the core of a roll of wrapping paper and the rest was the artist talent of my wife who just copied a Juice box we had. She changed some of the words to make them funny and used waterbased paints we had at the house.

He was the hit of the neighborhood!

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