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Coolest John Deere Tractor Costume

My 3 year son Ean is a tractor fanatic so he wanted to be a tractor, but of course it had to be a John Deere tractor costume, not just any old tractor, for Halloween.

I used three cardboard boxes one cut in half and glued on each side of the main box for the large tire wells. I cut out a hole in the main box for him to stand in, a lot of green paint, 2 spray cans. I actually found John Deere green at the hardware store, and the head lights were printed from clip art.

I cut out wheels from the third cardboard box and painted them black and yellow in the center for the rims. Everything was glued together. We borrowed a pair of suspenders with clips from grandpa to hold up the costume and we were set to go trick or treating.

We received a lot of great comments and he was the hit at his preschool.

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1 thought on “Coolest John Deere Tractor Costume”

  1. My little brother, Brady is also a JOHN DEERE ONLY freak!:) I think he would LOVE this costume so we will def. try this costume out! Thanks so much for sharing (I’m sure it was tons of fun making the tractor too!)

    Thanks a bunch!,

    P.S. Green are machine Red stayes in the shed:) (just a little quote my bro. uses)


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