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Coolest Jimmy Buffett’s Lost Shaker of Salt Costume

I am a HUGE fan of Jimmy Buffett so I was totally excited to make this Homemade Jimmy Buffett’s Lost Shaker of Salt Costume! First, I went to Lowes and bought a large and rectangular sheet of flexible vinyl that would normally be used in a bathroom for the shower walls. (I thought about plexiglass but it did not want to bend as easy.) Then I had a metal bucket that had been used for holding ice cold beer bottles. I turned the bucket upside down and cut two holes for the eyes with a 2” hole saw. I had a large color printer at work so I printed images of lemons, limes, palm trees, shark fins, a salt shaker and a tequila bottle.

I cut the images out and laminated them. Then I rolled the ends of the vinyl sheet and attached the ends together with acorn nuts and cut holes for my arms. I attached the bucket to the vinyl with acorn nuts. I decorated the vinyl with the laminated images with adhesive spray and let dry. I attached a Margaritaville license tag to the back of the salt shaker and put a lei on the bucket. In my left hand I carried around a tequila bottle with a cocktail umbrella. In my right hand I carried a sign that said “If found please return to Jimmy Buffett in Margaritaville!” Also in my right hand was a tape recorder that played Margaritaville the whole time.

I entered this costume in a contest at work and won!

Cost: $20

Homemade Jimmy Buffett's Lost Shaker of Salt Costume

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  1. I’m also a parrothead and think it’s a great idea. Although it looks very uncomfortable for a costume party. I was thinking of using a white t-shirt or a white dress and making a hat to look like the top of the salt shaker.


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