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Coolest Jessie and Woody from Toy Story Costumes

My daughter wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story 2 so it was only natural that my husband was going to be Woody.

For her costume, I used a pattern for a boy’s Western shirt, but altered the yoke to match Jessie’s. I made my own pattern for the cuffs and did some decorative stitching to mimic the embroidery. I took an old pair of her jeans that had a hole in the knee and fused the cow print over the top to look like the chaps. A friend of mine found the red hat at a dollar store, but I added the white ribbon and hole punched the rim and added white string. I also made the yarn wig.

My husband had most of his costume except the vest. I used the same cow print fabric and altered a vest pattern to make it shorter and smaller. The hat was purchased.

They won 1st prize in a family category costume contest at church!

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12 thoughts on “Coolest Jessie and Woody from Toy Story Costumes”

  1. I was googling “jessie costumes” and came across these pics. I love it! So cute. My daughter LOVES Jessie and most anything Toy Story. I purchased the Jessie outfit and boots online from the Disney Store. They are really cute… but not nearly as cute and inventive as these are! My daughter also wants daddy to be Woody. Great job!

  2. This is great! My youngest wants, NEEDS to be Buzz Lightyear this year, so my oldest wants to be Jessie. Fusing the cow print directly onto the jeans is a much better idea than trying to make actual chaps, and that’s how Jessie is made anyway. I’ll be using that idea this year!

  3. Oh ur little girl looks so cute!! my daughter is actually having a bday party of her own and wants that same theme but i just have one question for u can u plz tell me where u bought the cow print fabric????plzzzz???

  4. Great job! I’m trying to make a Jessie costume for my 5-year-old as well, but am stumped on how to make the large buttons.

    I need the actual dress shirt buttons to function; did you make button covers or something?


  5. Thanks for taking the time to post this! I made this for my daughter for Halloween this year. The dollar store hat was a GREAT and cheap idea. My 8-year-old actually punched the holes and laced the cotton drapery cording (45 cents/yard!) throught the holes herself. So, she “made” her hat! I didn’t have much time, so I used an old long sleeve white tshirt as the base for the shirt, fused the yellow decorations on and then added a faux white collar and buttons.

  6. How did u do the stitching? I made my daughters the same as u last year except that for the stitching i used a cotton string that i just glued but came off after a wash. Your stitching looks neater and nicer, if u could post her and give me ur tip it would be awesome. THANKS

  7. I haven’t looked at this post in YEARS, but I appreciate all the positive comments! It might be too late for some, but I’m happy to update with answers to some of the questions.

    The cow fabric was from JoAnn Fabric store. Usually you can find it with the quilt prints or cottons.

    The picture makes the wig look better than it actually turned out. I used a piece of sticky back felt and cut notches on the long sides to make sort of a hood shape, rounding off the corners to fit her head. I cut long pieces of yarn and just pressed them on, sweeping to the back for the braid. I left those pieces long and then braided, cutting off any excess. It really only stayed on with the hat on and otherwise slid around a lot. Maybe that will be a good starting point that someone else can improve on. :-).

    Regarding the stitching, after looking at lots of pictures of Jessie, I drew the loopy pattern on the yellow yolk with a washable/disappearing marker. I used a loopy stitch pattern on my sewing machine and followed the pen line.


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