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Coolest Ice Cream Cone Costume

The ice cream scoop that makes up the top of this Ice Cream Cone Costume started out as a round vinyl tablecover (with flannel backing). I chose light green so that it would look like mint chocolate chip. I cut a round hole in the center, just large enough to fit my head through and slits in the front for my arms.

I sewed bias tape around the neck and arms holes to prevent it from tearing. The last step was sewing a hem around the outside and pulling a drawstring through the hem, bunching the material until it fit around my waist. I also used a black permanent marker to draw chocolate chips on it, but you can’t really see them in the picture.

The cone is made from a window curtain I picked up from Goodwill. It happened to have a criss-cross pattern on it that was perfect for a cone, but that wouldn’t really be necessary. The waistline was kind of difficult, as I had to get it to fit around my waist but still stick out. I used elastic for the part that fits around my waist, and a hula hoop sewn into it about six inches lower. This took some trial and error to get it in the right place. The band at the bottom was this bizarre garbage bag holder thingy I found – but a small hula hoop would probably work just as well if not better.

The “cherry” on top was just a kid’s winter cap. The stem is made from pipe cleaners that I threaded through the cap & then twisted together to make them stand up.

I got a lot of attention with this Ice Cream Cone Costume, but for some reason most people thought I was a cupcake. By the end of the night, I gave up and just agreed, “yup, I’m a cupcake.”

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