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Coolest Homemade Windex Man Halloween Costume

Halloween used to be a time to be scary, but now-a-days humor seems to be more and more prevalent around the last day of October. With me and my friends we are always trying to be unique and creative when it comes to costumes, and none of us settle for buying a pre-made costume.

Trying to think of a unique and cheap costume usually starts mid-spring and I really start to panic when fall hits. This year I have come up with a Homemade Windex Man Halloween Costume early and already completed it. I have inserted a bean bag into my helmet to help stabilize the weight (front-heavy). The frame is made of PVC pipe and the cloth drapes over the frame. The helmet has been sized and when I walk I just fit under the doorframes.

When I show up at a party this year, it will be safe to say there will be NO naked people around, as my costume prevents streaking!

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Windex Man Halloween Costume”

  1. I made this same costume 4 years ago. Except that I decided to be “slutty windex”. I wanted to mock how Halloween has become an excuse to be skanky, so I figured I’d do something completely unsexual and make it sexy. I made the same windex spout out of Bristol board, craft foam and a cowboy hat. Then I wore a short blue skirt and blue mid-drift top with the windex logo on my stomach.

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