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Coolest Homemade Violet from Disney’s Incredibles Costume

My daughter Samantha wanted to be Violet from Disney’s Incredibles. So I set to work to make the costume for her.

I bought a set of red tights, knee high black hose, black slippers, black panties, and a long sleeved red body suit. In the craft section I bought black, white, yellow and orange felt sheets which I free handed the pieces to set the emblem. I then hand sewn them onto the red body suit. I went to a Halloween store and purchased a pair of long black gloves.

After piecing the outfit together and sewing the hose to the slippers, it was ready to go. I dressed her up and made an orange headband, and painted the black mask on her face with black water based acrylic fabric paint (I chose this paint because it stays and does not run when you sweat).

I couldn’t resist adding the third pic of her in costume because of the accidental double exposure… I almost didn’t keep this pic until I realized that in the movie, “Violet” goes invisible… LOL So Cool. Hope you enjoy!

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