Coolest Homemade Ugly Betty Costume

Every year I try to think up a Halloween costume that I can incorporate my specs into, because despite many helpful suggestions from the perfectly eyesighted amongst you, “just go out without your glasses on” is zero fun, especially when you can only see half a metre in front of you like I can.

Halloween 2007 was the year I couldn’t resist going as TV’s favourite loser, Ugly Betty costume.

I bought a cheap, long, fringed black wig from eBay for the hair. The braces were tricky, because all the comedy teeth with braces that you can buy are really huge and buck-toothed, which isn’t right for Betty at all, not to mention impractical to wear all night when wanting a swig o’ the old Halloween punch.

I bought some dummy teeth with braces on online, removed the braces and took off all the sharp metal parts to ensure they didn’t scratch my teeth. There might be a more effective way of doing this, but I was desperate and that way I could remove them throughout the night.

As for the poncho, I bought a large square of red material off eBay, folded in half diagonally and cut a whole in the top corner for my head. I cut the extra material off the bottom for a better fit.

The “Guadalajara!” logo was painstakingly copied on to yellow felt, cut out and backed onto some blue felt before gluing it to the poncho with some basic craft glue.

The outfit went down well, wasn’t too cumbersome to wear (apart from a hot head from the wig) and was easy to take off for the long bus journey home!

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