Coolest Homemade Tim Burton Inspired Scarecrow Costume

For my Halloween costume I decided to be a scarecrow. I was mostly inspired by Tim Burton’s movies. I did not want it to be cute!

I bought a plain dress at the thrift store and had material for the patches. The dress, gloves and hat took me around five hours to complete. I made my hat by weaving straw into it and gluing on fall items. I spent an hour and a half painting my face to match my dress. I applied buttons with spirit gum to my cheeks and a zipper to my chest for the hood look.

This Homemade Tim Burton Inspired Scarecrow Costume cost me around $15 to make and I had a blast wearing it. It held up well even after a night of dancing at a great rock concert. None of my friends recognized me. I make my own costume every year and so far this has been my favorite.