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Coolest Homemade Thomas the Train’s Diesel 10 Halloween Costume Idea

Diesel 10 is the bad guy from Thomas the train and the favorite of my son Thomas. We call him Thomas 10. I used some of the Thomas the Train costume ideas on the website to make my own homemade Thomas the Train’s Diesel 10 Halloween costume idea.

I started with a Christmas tree box to get the right rectangular shape cutting out a square that he could easily fit thru. I primed the box with 2 cans of primer spray paint, then painted it a wicker yellow with touches of gold spray paint. I made the windows and stripes from extra cardboard cut with an exacto knife and spray painted them. They were attached with a hot glue gun at first, but they kept falling off. I had the best luck with Gorilla glue (a little goes a long way).

The face is made from model magic on a thin cut piece of cardboard (cereal box). After letting it dry for a day, I painted it with grey acrylic paint and black acrylic paint for the eyebrows. Extra large googly eyes capped it off. I used contact cement to apply the cardboard back of the model magic to the Christmas tree box.

The red stripe and black buffers are just tape I had lying around the house.

My husband helped by cutting out a form for the wheelbase. We used foam discs from the floral department painted black for the wheels. These were also attached using gorilla glue.

For the straps we bolted on black elastic strips for sewing. They were a little long as they stretched so we had to crisscross them. The most important part of this homemade Thomas the Train’s Diesel 10 Halloween costume idea is definitely the “pinchy” for any true Diesel 10 lover. We went with a pooper scooper (brand new and clean!). Ours was black but you could spray paint it if you wanted.

Top off your conductor in the train with a Conductor’s hat and a red bandanna.

Time spent: 3 days
$$ spent: $50 (mostly the spray paint)

The costume was a little heavy and he needed help at times. If you have a little train lover, you may want to use the wagon idea with it.

Homemade Thomas the Train's Diesel 10 Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Thomas the Train's Diesel 10 Halloween Costume Idea

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Thomas the Train’s Diesel 10 Halloween Costume Idea”

  1. ill try to submit mine it was almost just how this was done i used home made salt dough for his face then i painted it with acrylic paint we made a platform with real wheels so my son could ride inside like a wagon

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea! My son begged me to be Diesel 10 this year for Halloween. Since no such costume exists for us to purchase, I came across your idea and that’s what we used (found it cool that you were in Circleville and we made our costume in Chillicothe – 15 minutes away!)

    We used a scrap box I found at work and supported the inside with cardboard braces. We used an exact print out of his face that I found online, pasted into PowerPoint and blew up on two separate slides so I could print it big. We used green bean cans (spray painted black) for his buffer and construction paper for the windows. WE also used a pooper scooper as Pinchy (your idea) but we didn’t use the handle part and I took out the springs so I could mount it on the costume. I was worried it would snap shut on the kids fingers. We used a box of baseball cards to weigh down the back (it was tipping forward with all the front-end weight).

    We went to a Kids Fest last night and made many heads turn! Thanks again for this super cool idea!

  3. Jackie,
    That is very cool that you are so close! I would love to see a pic of your version. It’s definitely a labor of love. We had a little trouble with tipping as well. Good idea to weigh down the back.


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